After 20 years and dozens of animation projects in a wide range of formats, we are now specialized in long-format productions, like kids’ TV shows.

In 2019-20 the studio has been making the CG animation for the TV special Fairy Tale Forest, a 42-minutes US production directed by Mark Risley, created by Margarethe Baillou, Jody Gray and Allan Neuwirth, and with Mel Brooks and Whoopi Goldberg among an impressive cast.

Creative services

Apart from the CG production, we also provide creative direction and pre-production work, like storyboarding, 2D animatics, 3D layouts or 3D previsualization.

We do it on time!

We can deliver an outstanding animation on time thanks to an experienced team, led by flexible and efficient management.

No walls studio

From a few years, we have been working from home with successful results. The distributed production system allows us to expand our team easily, so as to respond to the client’s needs.

Let’s create some animation together!