About Me

¡Hola! I’ve been working in the animation industry for more than 20 years,
mainly at Genoma Animation, the studio I founded in 2000.


Producing animation

I’ve been involved in every single process of a CG animation production, from the artistic, technical and logistical perspective. That experience allows me to manage teams and pipelines, speaking both languages, ‘art’ and ‘tech’.

Also, some experience out there, co-producing with TVs and pitching in markets such as MIPCOM, Cartoon Forum, MIFA, Ottawa’s TAC, Korean SPP, etc.


This is a position I’m mastering more and more. My recent role has been as Episode Director for series like Rovio’s Angry Birds Toons or Somuga’s Yoko.

Developing concepts

I got experience coping with the blank page. Together with some great artists, I developed series like Suckers or MauseCorp, and almost a half-dozen of short films, like Bitseller.


I’m not the best artist with the pen, but able to build strong visual storytelling. I feel comfortable turning words into images and adding value to the story process. A sample here: Yoko

Supervising CG animation

I used to animate in projects like commercials, promos, short films, and TV series. My more recent contribution as CG Animation Supervisor has been in Space Racers TV series and Fairy Tale Forest (2019, not released yet) where I supervised the whole animation production.


If you want to know more about me and how could we work together, please don’t hesitate to contact me:  juanmanimation at gmail.com