Genoma Animation is a Spanish studio founded in 2000 by Juanma Sánchez Cervantes, a computer engineer with more than 20 years of experience working as an animation director and CG producer.

In 2009, Genoma developed and produced The secret life of Suckers, its first TV production for the international market, with Disney XD as the main broadcaster. The series was “Kids Jury’s Best Comedy” in MIPJR ’09.

Currently, the studio focuses on offering outsourcing services for long-format animation productions.

Our principles

Honesty and transparency are important values for us, as they are the basis of the key element in the industry: trust. Honesty, when evaluating a project cost and its deadlines. Transparency, when keeping the client well informed about what we do and how we do it. Clients and collaborators know our values, which affects positively to both the project and the personal quality of life of us all.

Space Racers crew. Dic 2013

For us, creativity rules

Although technology is our bread and butter, we know it won’t make an interesting movie. We don’t allow the last tool, super render engine, or any other sweet toy blind our eyes. Our tech matters keep simple and serve creativity, don’t drive it.

Welcome to Genoma Animation!